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What is Neon Owl and Open Door Sessions?

Open Door Sessions is a community focused on giving back to the music community and next generation of rising producers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Neon Owl has spent nearly 4 years creating inspirational content while connecting artists and fans to help charities around the world. We have work with a lot of artists and brands like Andrew Rayel, Emma Hewitt, MaRLo, TranceFamily SF, Groove Cruise, Feenixpawl, ARTY, BEAUZ and many more. Through our efforts, we have supported many non-profits like The Fender’s Music Foundation, generosity.org, Boys & Girls Club, AIDS WALK, Apollo Aid Foundation, Whet Foundation etc. 


Live classes will be held weekly ranging from a wide variety and skill level of DJing and production to the business side of branding, networking, marketing and tribe building. Recorded videos will be posted after LIVE classes for member’s viewing (maximum value, networking and interaction comes from attending live).



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PRICES ARE LIMITED TIME ONLY prior to Open Door Sessions VIRTUAL classes starting in April 2019. Early sign ups will be receiving a special edition gift mailed to them.

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Our doors are always open for you. See you soon, and until then.. continue to Connect. Create. Elevate.


Open Door Sessions is a community focused on giving back to the music community and the next generation of rising producers, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Open Door Sessions started as in-person events where we brought in established brands, founders, and artists, among other influencers in the industry to come teach and share with the next generation of up and coming creatives in the music industry. We’ve had guests like MaRLo, RAM, and St. John, along with brands like Northern Nights Music Festival, TranceFamily SF, EPIC Productions, Halcyon, 1015 Folsom and more come to talk about everything from the art of DJing, production lessons to marketing and branding 101. We host demo listening parties where artists get their tracks listened to and critiqued by industry experts. Since launching Open Door Sessions over a year ago, magic has been created among the attendees and our community. We’ve seen countless booked gigs, networking opportunities, partnerships, to tracks signed onto major labels like Armada and Grotesque. We have had attendees travel the distance to be a part of such an intimate setting, and people from all over the world asking us to bring this to a city near them.

This is why we have decided to launch Open Door Sessions VIRTUAL, an online community that will open up these amazing learning experiences and opportunities to creatives all over the world!

So whether you can attend our in-person sessions or not, you can now be a part of a close-knit online community, learn from the best, and take classes via LIVE time or at your own pace!

We started Open Door Sessions back in December 2017, which are local in person music industry events. DJs, promoters, vocalists, talent buyers, record labels, managers and entrepreneurs all come gather under one roof to network, showcase their work and take their skillset, relationships and career to the next level.

Open Door Sessions VIRTUAL will be very similar, but open and available to people all over the world! Instead of needing to wait for these events every few months in a city near you, members can join from anywhere in the world to connect with industry folks to connect, create, and elevate. On VIRTUAL, we will be able to host multiple classes a week from industry influencers all over the world. VIRTUAL will not be bound by the limitations of travel, location, and time zones because it will be hosted via online video. Students will be able to tune in and participate live or rewatch the recorded class afterwards. There will also be a closed members-only online group for the #ODSFAM to communicate, network and collaborate with one another.

Our community and curriculum is designed to support all the different moving pieces to the dance music industry. The content and classes will be heavily catered to artists and business people in the industry. So whether you are a DJ, producer, vocalist, promoter or someone with your own collective and brand, we will have something for you here.

Basic, intermediate and advanced levels of DJing, mixing, mastering, production wherever you are on your journey as an artist.

Everything from marketing to branding 101 from the greater scale, down to the nitty gritty details.

Logistics of running a business, finances and numbers, to legal issues and contracts.

Networking etiquette along with how to build and maintain relationships in the music industry.

How to grow your fan base and leverage other brands to grow your own.

How to get noticed on different platforms, gain opportunities on gigs, collaborations, and radio play.

We will have multiple demo listening parties virtually per month where artists get to have their tracks critiqued and worked on. All production levels are encouraged, whether you are just starting out or are an excelled producer.

There will be contests within the community where you guys will win chances to play gigs, get featured on podcasts, swag, memberships, or face time and mentorship with other artists and business people in the industry.

We will be hosting roughly 2 live events and classes per week, and adding more as our community grows bigger and demands more knowledge, topics, and connections. Usually there will be 1 class that covers the technical side of the music industry (production and DJing), while the other class covers the topics of business, branding, marketing, networking, contracts and relationships.

For those that cannot attend certain classes, you will be able to watch the recorded replay.

The community itself is 24/7, so you get what you put in! You can engage with its members, network and collaborate every single day should you choose or come in at your own pace. We encourage that you attend the sessions live when they are scheduled so that you can comment, interact and ask questions to gain maximum value. We will take questions from members and plan to cover as many as we can for each session. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions for the instructor and panelist when they are LIVE, and sometimes the opportunity to network and connect after. Sometimes panelists will offer up their contact information for additional communication and follow-up. We have had record labels and major artists pick up music and create collaborations with our attendees at Open Door Sessions in the past.

Most Open Door Sessions in person events are $15-$30 which goes towards covering the cost of the venue and fees. Open Door Sessions will be $49 per month or $395 for the entire year. For a limited time during the pre-launch period, you can sign up for only $29 per month or $249 for the entire year.

The membership covers exclusivity to our closed online community and all the classes we will be hosting live for members, as well as pre-recorded content and rewatching of live classes. It also includes exclusive deals, mentorships, contests and perks only available to Open Door Sessions VIRTUAL members. Members will also be able to attend our usual in person networking events and workshops for free.

How it works is that you will be charged right now for the $29 up front and your discount will be locked in. You will not be charged a second time until the second month of class comes around. For example, if you get charged in April, you will not get charged until class is onto its second month. If you pay the $249 for the entire year, you will not be charged again until the class has reached it’s second year cycle. If you have any additional questions, feel free to e-mail info@opendoorsessions.co

Class will begin sometime towards the very end of Spring 2019 or early Summer 2019 in June. If you are a signed up member, we will keep you up to date as soon as we are close to the start date. If you are not a member and would like to be notified when class is about to launch, you can enter your e-mail here to get updates.

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We believe in the value of our community and the knowledge Open Door Sessions offers. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can cancel anytime. If you have signed up for the annual membership, we will prorate your refund if you are not finding the value that you seek. For example, if you choose to cancel 3 months in, you will receive a 75% refund back to your card. If you have additional questions, feel free to e-mail info@opendoorsessions.co

Neon Owl has spent nearly 4 years creating inspirational content while connecting artists and fans to help charities around the world. We have worked with a lot of artists and brands like Andrew Rayel, Emma Hewitt, MaRLo, TranceFamily SF, Groove Cruise, Feenixpawl, ARTY, BEAUZ and many more. Through our efforts, we have supported many non-profits like The Fender’s Music Foundation, generosity.org, Boys & Girls Club, AIDS WALK, Apollo Aid Foundation, Whet Foundation etc. We’re also all about creating positive, inspirational content, getting to know artists beyond the music, while discussing causes that are close to their hearts. In the process of growing our community, we realized how much aspiring artists are struggling to receive the support, knowledge, resources and the community needed to keep pushing forward in an already competitive industry. As a result of that, development of artists and creatives became an important piece of what we do at Neon Owl, and from there came the birth of Open Door Sessions.

After seeing the community, connections and opportunities that Open Door Sessions have created, we have been asked to bring this incredible opportunity to cities near you, which literally ranges from cities around the world. Although we have plans to expand and bring these in person events to many of those cities, it will take us a while. However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot reach these eager artists and creatives VIRTUALLY! From all that we have created in nearly 4 years as a music & charity lifestyle brand, we have #neonowlfam members all over the world! We intend on doing the same with the #odsfam, connecting artists and creatives all over the world. We will focus on artist and creatives development along with education in the music industry. This will offer the opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals in this group, as well as access to industry influencers who will come on to teach classes, lead discussions, listen to demos, and give feedback. Because it is VIRTUAL, we will also have the opportunity to host more classes with more influencers from all over the world, since we will run into less barriers with location, flights, and time. Through this we will create stronger communities all over the world, and spread that we all have enough opportunities, connections, knowledge and passion to go around. Our community will continue to lead with Neon Owl’s core values: Dance. Give. Inspire. and Open Door Sessions core values: Connect. Create. Elevate.

- Since 2015 -

Neon Owl

Neon Owl is a community that connects people through music, passion, and giving back. Music is the one universal language that connects us all, and has the power to unite people across the world no matter our background. We are music lovers hungry to find “that track” and excited to support rising artists. Through our merchandise, collaborations and events, we support non-profit organizations like The Fender Music Foundation,  Generosity.org, Whet Foundation and many more. Join the Neon Owl community in this movement and through music, let’s change the world!

Dance. Give. Inspire.


I love meeting people who are compassionate and passionate about the music as well as helping others to succeed in the industry. My favorite part is seeing everyone coming together for something they love, and contributing because they want to be a part of something so much bigger.


DJ/Producer Duo and Panelist (Armada, Trap Nation, Spinnin’, Strange Fruits, Enhanced)

Elaine’s got her heart all the way in this event, and that’s very important. I know she does a lot of this out of her own pocket, and I started in the same position so I recognize and respect that a lot.

Matthew Whitlock

Marketing Director of Northern Nights Music Festival and Founder of EPIC Productions

I know the struggles of being an aspiring artist. This place really gives me a chance to find and talk to the right people, all in one place versus going to five clubs and tracking them down in a tedious way.

Alex Hall

DJ and Attendee

This is really put together for all the moving pieces of the industry, from promoters, talent buyers to artists. I’ve learned so much about creating a brand and building content. I love ODS because I’ve met everyone from the established names to up and coming artists that I’ve started booking for my own events.

Staniel Promsworth

Founder of Back 2 Basics Events

I had no idea what this was a year ago when I first attended. In less than a year, I feel like I have a whole family here from Open Door Sessions.

Danny Fathom

DJ/Producer and Attendee

Neon Owl has really built something dope and special! A lot of the artists hit me up afterwards and told me that the feedback from the demo listening party was helpful. I’m definitely looking forward to helping some of them out more.


DJ/Producer and Panelist

All of Neon Owl and Open Door Sessions is completely about the community and connections. It’s crazy what has been created.


DJ and Attendee

Neon Owl did an awesome job bringing together creative and like minded individuals in the industry to provide insight, while allowing new electronic DJ’s and producers to come together to network and showcase their music.


DJ/Producer - Ultra Music, Sony Music, Columbia Records, Atlantic

ODS is a great place to meet other artist, DJs, and producers to share and connect. Meeting with venue owners, promoters and event organizers definitely opened opportunities and I’m thankful for what Elaine and her team have set up and done for the community. We are not alone and Neon Owl’s Open Door Sessions is a place that confirms that!

DJ Melodie

DJ/Producer and Attendee


At Neon Owl and Open Door Sessions, we pride ourselves in PEOPLE & PURPOSE BEFORE PROFITS. We have always donated a portion of our proceeds to different causes, and Open Door Sessions VIRTUAL will be no different. 10% of all proceeds will go towards generosity.org to build wells for clean water in developing countries in 2019, with more charities to be announced soon.

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